StanCon 2020 going virtual!

May 16, 2020

Dear Stan community,

On behalf of the StanCon organizing committee we would like to update the community on the status of the conference and announce that this year StanCon is going virtual. The originally planned StanCon at Oregon State University will take place in summer 2021, with the date to be confirmed within the next few weeks. As stated in our last update, the safety of attendees is the top priority for the organizing committee.

The conference was scheduled to take place between August 11–14, 2020, and the organizing committee will select one of these dates for the virtual conference. We will be announcing the exact day and fees in the next week, so please check the StanCon 2020 website and discourse forum for updates.

For current registrants, thank you for your support! We will refund your full registration fees immediately and let you know when there is updated registration.

In the meantime, please continue to send in talks and session proposals! If you have questions or comments, feel free to contact the StanCon organizing committee.

Thank you everyone,
Stan Conference Organizing Committee


@andrewgelman we’ll keep this thread up-to-date. Let’s move StanCon related discussions over here.

Are contributions still open?

@Daniel_Simpson Yes, just email to


Will the talks be recorded and available to watch afterwards? Also, is there any update on the registration fee?

Yes, the talks will be available to watch without registration!

We’re still working on the registration fees. We’ll post an announcement when that’s available.


Sorry, just to clarify - the talks will be available to watch without registration after the conference is over?


@Susana_Marquez @syclik

@sam-hoffman, sorry about the late reply!

Yes, the talks will be available to watch. (We’re trying to make it available before.)

It appears that the page is down?

" Looks Like This Domain Isn’t
Connected To A Website Yet!"

@syclik - are you going to be able to get to this this week?

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Yes! I’m planning on it this weekend.

If you’re after the content, we’ve posted it in YouTube as well. You can check the playlist here:


I’m looking for all the meta-information like program, etc.
if you have it somewhere, I’ll put a temp page on the github pages site.

Hey Mitzi, I’ll check this with you over email.

@betascoo8 and @mitzimorris, the (archived) program is back online here: