StanCon 2020 updates and reminder! This Thursday, August 13!

For all that registered for the conference, THANK YOU! We, the organizers, are truly moved by how global and inclusive the community has become.

We are currently at 230 registrants from 33 countries. And 25 scholarships were provided to people in 12 countries.

Please join us. Registration is $50. We have scholarships still available (more info on the registration page).


  • Videos for contributed talks and developer talks are online! Register now and you’ll be sent a password.

  • Our plenary speakers have all been confirmed (these will happen live at StanCon):

    • Seth Flaxman (@flaxter); Imperial College, London; “Hierarchical Models for Covid - identifying effects of lockdown and an R package”
    • Moriba Jah; Oden Institute for Computational Engineering & Sciences; Multi-Source Information Modeling, Curation, and Fusion Enabling Transdisciplinary Decision-Making: A Case for Space!
    • David Shor; STAN and US Politics
  • Thank you to our sponsors, Metrum Research Group and Jumping Rivers!

  • We’ve increased the number of scholarships and they are still available!

If you’re on the fence about whether to attend, we’ve done our best to bring out what makes StanCon special: the Stan Community. For a few hours, you get to spend time with Stan users and developers from around the world, sitting at tables discussing things that you’d discuss at StanCon.

Information for Attendees

  • To get the most out of StanCon, please watch the videos ahead of time. During StanCon, we will be having discussions based on the talks.

  • We are using a platform called Remo. After the talks are over, please stay for a while and hang out with the speakers and members of the community. There are virtual tables where you’ll be able to sit down and interact.

  • There is a poster session: The presenters will be at tables following the talks.

  • If you’ve registered but didn’t get sent the password to the videos or instructions on how to access Remo, please email or reach out to @syclik, @Susana_Marquez, or @s.maskell.

  • This is a global, inclusive event for everyone. Everyone attending acknowledged the Code of Conduct. We hope there are no issues, but if there are, there will be moderators to help.

StanCon Registrants

Right now, we’re at 230 registrants. Of those, there were addresses for 202. Here’s where people are coming from.

  • Registrants (202/230); 33 countries
    • USA 94
    • UK 35
    • Canada 17
    • United Kingdom 6
    • Germany 5
    • Switzerland 4
    • Australia 4
    • Finland 4
    • Sweden 4
    • Netherlands 3
    • Brazil 3
    • Czech Republic 2
    • Poland 2
    • Denmark 2
    • Mexico 2
    • Korea 2
    • Singapore 1
    • Belgium 1
    • Saudi Arabia 1
    • India 1
    • China 1
    • Spain 1
    • Japan 1
    • Austria 1
    • Iceland 1
    • Scotland 1
    • Senegal 1
    • Indonesia 1
    • Hungary 1
    • Greece 1
    • Slovenia 1
    • Argentina 1
  • Scholarships (22/25); 12 countries:
    • USA 7
    • UK 3
    • Canada 2
    • Korea 2
    • Australia 1
    • Belgium 1
    • Poland 1
    • China 1
    • Mexico 1
    • Senegal 1
    • Indonesia 1
    • Argentina 1

a few questions about the programm -

for the pitches, e.g. : 09:04 / 04:04 / 01:04 6 x 1 minute pitches - who’s pitching?

for the floor plan tables assigned to people, not topics, when will those people be there?

Ah… sorry about the terminology.

These are 1 minute videos recorded by the speakers to summarize their 20 minute talk. To give a little bit of context before we jump right into a discussion.

After the scheduled program, all the attendees are available to move around the different floors and sit down at different tables. Hopefully people that are interested in particular topics will sit down with you; you can see how many people are already at the table before sitting down.

I understand they’re videos recorded by the speakers - I was confused by this:

09:04 / 04:04 / 01:04    6 x 1 minute pitches
​09:10 / 04:10 / 01:10    Plenary: Hierarchical Models for Covid - identifying effects of lockdown and an R package, Seth Flaxman, Imperial College, London
​09:50 / 04:50 / 01:50    Discussion
​10:00 / 05:00 / 02:00    6 x 1 minute pitches, followed by 9 minute discussions:

so it’s implicit that these are the session 1 speakers by not the plenary or invited talk speaker
and they give their pitches both before and after the live talk.

don’t know if it’s too late, I recommend adding 'session X ’ to the programm (splitting the diff between British and Am spellings)

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Yeah I agree it’s confusing. I like the idea of the 1 min pitches but I didn’t know from looking at the schedule what the pitches were for either.

I think it’s worth clarifying in the schedule if possible to edit. Maybe this would be more clear:

6 x 1 minute pitches (quick summaries of recorded talks)  

or something like that.

also, please say exactly what time (in all TZs) is After the scheduled program
and put that information into the floor plan page with an explanation of moving around, etc?

also, why is registration closed? why not let folks register right up to when conf starts?

finally, kudos to the organizers for putting this together. overall, the website is lovely - it’s just that it’s a new format and therefore more explanation and context would be much appreciated.

Sorry… I had a response that wasn’t posted; I’ve been virtually running around getting the stuff ready for the conference.


Thanks, @mitzimorris and @jonah.

Unfortunately, I think it’s too late to adjust the text on the site. So… as non-ideal as it is, the info will live here.