StanCon 2020 program is now online! (August 13, 2020)

This year’s Stan Conference is on August 13, 2020 (next Thursday)! The program has been finalized and is online. So far, we’re at 89 registrants spanning across 17 countries!

Registration is $50, which includes swag. There are scholarships available for those that need financial support. If you’re a Stan developer, there’s a discount (see the forums).

Our vision for this year’s conference:

  • All virtual.
    We’re trying our best to enable the interactions at StanCon that make the event special. We’re using a service, Remo, that has tables where people can gather around and chat.
  • Global and inclusive.
    There are 3 sessions that last 2-3 hours that are spaced 8 hours apart. Each session has its own plenary speaker and six discussions (total: 3 plenaries, 18 contributed talks, and 4 developer talks). One of the contributed talks will be recorded in 6 languages (English, Catalan, Spanish, Hindi, French, Finnish)!
  • The format.
    All contributed talks will be distributed and available prior to the conference. For each contributed talk, there will be a 10 minute live Q&A with the presenter and a discussant. During the conference, we’re debuting the plenary talks and developer talks.

Thank you to Metrum Research Group for being our first sponsor!
If you’d like to sponsor StanCon, please email stancon at Sponsorship goes towards scholarships and the cost of running the conference.


This is very cool - I’m looking forward to the event. Just a quick question, will the talks be recorded? I couldn’t find any information about this on the website.


Yeah I’ve been told the plan is to record everything and make the talks available at some point after the conference.


could someone please explain about the “floor plans”?

There are virtual tables during the conference where you can sit down and talk to other people. The floor plan is how you are able to navigate to different tables.

Hope that helps. (I haven’t done a full walkthrough yet, so that’s the best I have right now. Will know more tomorrow.)