Talks by Stan devs at StanCon

In addition to talks from users we’re looking for a few developers who would be interested in presenting (or at least willing to present) at the Stan conference in January.

Any volunteers?

I keep dropping the ball on this but I intend to register to present. Thanks for teh reminder! K

you can sign me up for a spot too.

Ok great. If either of you has a tentative topic let me know, but not

Is this one day of talks with no parallel sessions?

For this meeting, I’d much rather hear other people talk
than us—I hear us all the time. Feel free to keep me
on the bench to fill in if the schedule has gaps. Or you
can schedule me up front if you think I should be doing a talk,
in which case, I’m open to suggestions. I don’t want to
do a boring “where’s Stan going next” kind of thing, though.

  • Bob

If no one else is covering the topic, I’d be happy to talk about applications for ODE based models, and the steps Stan has taken to address these kinds of problems. It’s technically interesting, I’m guessing relevant to a lot of users, and also a neat example of how responsive the developers are to users.

I think that’s the current plan.

Yeah, so hopefully there will be a mix of presentations by users (who will want to hear other users talk and also will want to hear us talk) and developers (who probably mostly want to hear users talk since we hear each other all the time). Right now I’d just like to get a sense for how many developers would really like to present and also how many are willing to present if we need to fill in gaps (if we don’t get enough submissions from users).


Thanks Charles. Should I put you down (on my tentative list) as willing or wanting? (see my response to Bob)


@charlesm93 My question was poorly phrased. I meant should I put you down in (a) the “wanting to present” category or (b) the “willing to present if we need to fill slots” category?

(a) wanting to present

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