Boston area Stan users meetup looking for presenters!

Hi all,

My name is Shane Bussmann, and I am the organizer of the Boston area Stan users meetup – I took over from Lizzie earlier this year. We are looking for folks to present their work using Stan at our meetup. We need volunteer(s) for July or anytime afterwards. My company, CiBO Technologies, is sponsoring this meetup and providing free food and drinks for all attendees. If you are a local or just visiting and would like to present, please let me know!

Shane Bussmann

P.S. CiBO is hiring data scientists and software engineers! Check out our website for more info:

Shane—thanks for taking this over. I’d be happy to give a talk some time in October or later in the fall.

There’s a jobs category specifically for jobs postings (and sorry for being redundant if you’ve already posted there).

Hi Bob,

Awesome! I will pencil you in for a talk in October. In late August / early September, I’ll reach out again to get an abstract from you.

Thanks also for the note about the jobs category. I will post over there!


Hi @sbussmann . It looks like I will be doing a workshop at Harvard in the morning of January 23rd. If you would like, I could probably do a meetup that evening.

Great @bgoodri! Let me confirm that our venue is available on the 23rd and we will pencil you in.

Hi @bgoodri, I have confirmed that our venue is available on January 23, so we have booked you for our Stan meetup on that date. Thank you so much for volunteering!

Can you please send me a talk title and abstract by January 9, so that I can advertise the talk to our meetup members?

OK, I will do that.

Hi @bgoodri, happy new year! I just wanted to send a quick reminder about the talk title and abstract for your Stan meetup presentation on January 23. Can you please email it to me at


@bgoodri and/or @sbussmann, will the slides from the Meetup be sent out or otherwise posted somewhere?

Great talk, by the way!

I sent them to Ernesto.