Stan user group in Berlin?!

Hi guys,

Motivated by the awesome Stan user groups in Melbourne and Boston, I’ve read about, I am thinking to start a Stan user group in Berlin.

I think Berlin could be a good place for a Stan user group, partially due to its rich academic landscape, Pharma companies and it’s start-up culture.

Would anybody be interested?

Anyone who would like to share experiences about organizing / starting a user group?



Hi, I would be interested.

There are a few Stan users active in the Berlin R Users Group and I did a presentation on Discrete Choice Models using Stan (RStan) about a year ago (link) and at least some people seemed to like it. Maybe come to the next meetup and pitch your idea there and/or get some feedback from the current organizer Berry (of course, the same idea holds for other meetups… Python, Zalando tech, …)?


Hi there,
I would be interested as well. We have a bunch of Stan users at the University of Potsdam, so please keep me posted.


Thanks for the suggestions and reference to your talk. I contacted the R user group organizers and they agreed to give me a short slot for the next R meetup to present the idea. I will keep you posted.

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Hi ermeel,
did you get some feedback/ideas at the Berlin R meetup?


Hi Daniel,

cool that you remember. Unfortunately I had to cancel my plan (short notice) to participate in the R meet up and use the open mic slot to advertise the idea.

What about we have a first initial meeting with you, @bnicenboim and potentially some of the Stan users at university of Potsdam, he was referring to? We could then think about how we kick off the Stan user group and advertise it?

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Sounds good… just to be clear, I’m happy to participate, advertise, and push the group, but I’m not interested in organizing a regular meetup.


I might be in Germany for a bit at some point in September after StanCon Helsinki. If you’re interested in scheduling something for then let me know!

Definitely! Let me know when you know the precise dates. We should be set up till then.

Gotcha. It’s also not my most favourite thing to do, but if it allows me to interact with local Stan users, I’m willing to organise this.

So what about the week starting Monday 28th of May? I could do any evening except Wednesday. Just off the top of my head, what about we meet Tuesday 29th, 19.00? Any suggestions for locations in Berlin?


I would also be extremely interested in joining in.

I have no idea where such a meeting could take place, but I am currently at the Humboldt in Adlershof and I can check whether we can find a room or something. Although it might be too far way for people from Potsdam to join in I would guess!

Regardless, I think this is a great idea!

Will do!

I am interested as well and might be able to organize a room near friedrichstraße.

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I think this might be a good location to start with. Would that work for the others:

Tuesday, May 28th ?

Works for me!

Dear all,

It’s definitely a great idea, IMO. A few of us here at a research institute (WZB) might also be interested to attend the meeting. I could also inquire if there might be a possibility of hosting in the future.



Hi all, great see that so many people from Berlin are interested.

regarding the date: Unfortunately, I’m not available on Tuesday, May 29th, but Monday, May 28th would work for me.


That works for me, too. I suggest we use this Doodle.

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Bob and I would also like to check out Berlin at some point in September and would be happy to meet folks.


Great!, I completed the doodle, both dates are fine by me. I’ll promote it with my colleagues.

If you folks want to talk in Uni Potsdam, let me know. I also know some people who do industry Meetups, can put you in touch with them if you want.