What kinds of SWAG for StanCon2018

StanCon2018 is coming up, registrations and scholarships still open, http://mc-stan.org/events/stancon2018/.

What kinds of SWAG should we get–budget is $20/head? Current suggestions:

  1. Standals
  2. Tote with logo.
  3. T-shirt with logo.
  4. Tattoo artist that will apply Stan logo during reception.
  5. Coffee Mug
  6. ??Your idea here??


Breck on behalf of the Stan Organizing Committee

Bumper stickers, with “Stan” and “Bayes Pays” on them
Stan marbles, guaranteed to obey Hamiltonian dynamics in a frictionless vacuum
Stan thermos, maintains the temperature of your drink approximately forever
Stan tie that says “ceci n’est pas un sample”

These are all really bad but it’s late so that’s what you get.

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As much as I would like a Stan face tattoo, I vote t-shirt or coffee mug. In my opinion, a high-quality tote is great, but a low-quality one is useless.

I also hope there are stickers again. I got a new laptop and now no one can even tell which programming languages I favor. It’s totally unacceptable.


We’ll certainly have stickers. The totes from last year were higher quality than usual for a conference. I suggested the tote as the holder for all the things we hand out, which is what Daniel and Michael did last year.

I personally tend to dispose of all swag other than t-shirts, mugs, and stress balls or other things I think young kids who visit our house might like.

Jonathan suggested fidget spinners, but we’d have to print 2017 on them to not seem hopelessly behind the trend!