Stan stickers?

Someone just told me he wanted to order a Stan sticker for his laptop, but such stickers are not available on the website, which just has t-shirts and mugs. Does someone know how to make stickers available? Thanks!

We’ve just been ordering them in bulk from We have the templates if you want to order some.

To make them available online, someone would need to set up a storefront like we did with t-shirts. We use for that, but they don’t sell stickers.

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As the someone in question, I’d happily just take the template and order some samples for myself if you are willing to share it.

Sorry I didn’t see this earlier. I get so many flags on this site that I just ignore them as I can’t filter them.

I logged into StickerMule, but will need your email to share. If you send me email at, I can send you the form for these two: