Rainbow Stan - so proud!

kudos to whoever rainbowed the logo on the Stan homepage!!!



It would be so great if there’d be the possibility to purchase a shirt or mug with the Stan rainbow logo on it!


1st of June (aka the start of Pride month) is Monday. Are we doing this again?

We might also want to consider a trans flag or an intersectional flag (which is CC-BY-NC-SA) https://quasar.digital/shop/terms/?v=a284e24d5f46

Edit: should tag @SGB on this because its they do logo stuff


Thanks for bringing this to the SGB’s attention.

1st of June (aka the start of Pride month) is Monday. Are we doing this again?

I can’t see why anyone would disagree. I have created a branch that can be merged on Monday. I think I’m using the same logo that was used last year. If it needs to be adjusted in any way, let me know.

If we included flag(s) where would be the appropriate place for them to appear? Next to the numfocus logo on the landing page, in the footer of every page, …?


Rainbow Stan is back - thanks Imad!!!


last year we also had rainbow logo on Discourse as well - bring it back for June?

with, perhaps an exception on the 19th for Juneteenth? https://www.vectorstock.com/royalty-free-vector/juneteenth-awareness-design-vector-14800943

@sgb - what happened to the Stan store and kinds of Stan swag?

Yeah good call, I’ll give that a try now

It’s at https://mc-stan.org/shop/, which is linked to from the Your Support tab of the website. I don’t think the SGB has the “keys” to the store though, but we probably should. Do you know who does?

I’d really like for the store to include a lot more stuff but I think we need a volunteer to take on that project!

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@sgb - Bob says he has keys to the store. and there’s a credit built up - he’s going to send the info to @billg

Ok great, thanks.

Also, I just added the rainbow logo back for discourse. Let me know if it’s not showing up for you.


looks good on my machine! many thanks!

Thanks to @billg (for setting it up) and @betanalpha (for the logo) you can now find rainbow stan t-shirts (and mugs) in the store:


and a Stan mask!!! (but no rainbow mask?)