Hexagon Sticker for Stan

I guess most of you know these awesome hexagon stickers. I was wondering if there is one for Stan? If not should we design one?

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We don’t currently have hexagonally shaped Stan stickers, just these:

To be honest, I don’t really get the hex sticker fad (is it just that they fit nicely together so you can cover a computer with a ton of them?), but if people really want Stan stickers in that shape then I’d be happy for us to provide them!

So, yeah, feel free to suggest designs.

Where to get it from? Having this on my notebook would be a nice additional way to advertise Stan in the company I work for.

Yes, and I view this tiling property as an illustration of how people often work with R (or python): By combining the right packages that provide the required functionality in order to solve the problem. But that’s just my interpretation…

We give them out in person at events usually, but we should make them available in the Stan store. In the meantime, send me a private message with your address and I’ll send you a few stickers for yourself and for you to use to promote Stan as you see fit.

I’m not opposed to providing a hexagonal alternative that looks similar otherwise. I just don’t care enough about the circle vs hex debate to do it myself! If you or anyone else wants to contribute the design we’re happy to consider it.

I could try. It’s a fun exercise with Inkscape. Do you have an SVG version of the Stan logo sticker?

I’m not sure where the files for the sticker are, but you can check out our logos repository on GitHub that has all sorts of image files with Stan logos:

Thanks. Here is a proposal:


I am happy to share the SVG version, too (however discourse doesn’t allow me to upload SVG).

Under which license could we distribute it? I don’t really care but was wondering whether using the logo would automatically impose a license on the hex?


Nice. That’s actually pretty slick! I’d be fine with that as the Stan hex sticker. Let’s see if any of the other Stan devs have feedback.

Here’s the pertinent info about usage of the logo:


Looks good to me! I would love to have one ;-)

Basically non-comercial use is ok, so Hex stickers should be fine, but you’d need to check with the board. (The logo is administered by the Numfocus board, so look on the website and contact any board member if you need info before they update the page)

For branding purposes, I’d prefer to use the standard logo (this one is lovely but it’s a different shape).

Thanks Dan.

OK. I will first wait for further feedback from Stan developers. If someone of your team then gives me the OK, I will contact the Numfocus board. Before that I won’t share the logo anywhere else.

Great logo. Send along to me and I’ll wrangle with the board. breck@alias-i.com



not into the hex thing, but like how you did this.

If this gets approved, you can make the stickers available at http://hexb.in/sticker.html.

If these were available at the Stan store I would buy one.

I haven’t done it before, but I have seen others use StickerMule to distribute r-package related stickers.

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We had early discussions about hex stickers but decided not to do one given that Stan is not a purely R product. In particular an RStan hex sticker would be more appropriate, if anything, but we wanted to emphasize the entire project with our stickers.

Keep in mind that the logo is trademarked and so any derivative use of it, even with approval from the NumFOCUS board which controls the trademark, would need to be accompanied by the circle-R registered trademark symbol.

Stickers are hard to sell in a shop because they are too cheap individually but kind of expensive in bulk, hence our distributing them so far only in person. Services like stickermule allow templates to be shared for purchasing stickers in bulk which might be the best option provided that the restrictions discussed in http://mc-stan.org/about/logo/index.html are taken into account.

A look at http://hexb.in suggests that this is not anymore a phenomenon constraint to the R universe.

Once the board agrees I will adjust the hex accordingly.

Not precisely true. Owners of a trademarked logo may, but do not have to, include the circle-R. I’ve seen some argue that failing to include it may impair ability to sue others using it, but this seems to be an old opinion as many brands now don’t bother adulterating their logo for its inclusion. So it would be at the discretion of the numFOCUS board to decide if they actively want it on the logo or not.

Just registering another hex-sticker fan here who would absolutely love to get their hands on a Stan version. (Or, I suppose, another Stan fan who would love to get their hands on a hex-sticker version.)