Hex stickers

Hi all. We were thinking it would be great to have hex stickers for Stan-related projects, for example:
etc. etc.

Examples of a model to follow are the excellent hex stickers for brms and Bayesplot. It would be cool if we could all tile our laptops with hex stickers for dozens of Stan-related projects! So if (a) the designers/maintainers of these projects want to create hex stickers (or if people in the Stan community want to help with this), and (b) we can have a way for users like me to buy such stickers, that would be cool.


The name “Stan” and the S-logo are both trademarked. Licensed uses of the name and logo are governed by the SGB. So you should get their approval before putting things up for distribution, much less for sale.

The current hex stickers I’ve seen for Stan on Andrew’s notebooks are a disaster graphically in that they are misaligned and destroy the graphical curve of the S, which was the whole point of the original logo. I would support spending a few $s to hire a graphics professonal to create decent-looking ones.

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