Hex sticker for bayesplot

Hi all,

Following up on the request to get a hex sticker for the bayesplot package, here comes a first proposal:

The idea behind the hex sticker is that we wanted to illustrate the use of bayesplot to “transform” raw data, essentially time series of posterior samples, into “insights” or inferences. This is why we “glued together” the time series on the left with the dens_overlay plot to the right. Also note that we use the Stan color, but do not explicitly mention the Stan name, to reflect the fact that bayesplot is applicable beyond Stan.

Let me know what you think…


That is glorious, but a little confusing, as it initially appears to be forecasts without intervals rather than posterior densities.

I like the plot, but then I never try to interpret what they mean.

The name needs to be much larger. See the hex stickers for the RStudio project for rmarkdown, ggplot2, knitr, tidyr, etc.

You may also need to make the lines a bit fatter for printing.