Bayesplot documentation

@betanalpha — I think the BayesPlot docs got lost in the shuffle:

No, it was not lost. As I noted previously the reorganization broke some links. BayesPlot is now at

Found what I was looking for: I just don’t see it on the actual GitHub repo, but then I’ve never understood where they put everything (seems totally random to me, like most things based on markup).

I think because @imadmali was originally using GitHub “pages” (or whatever they call it) it all had to go in a separate branch in the bayesplot repository. But I’m pretty sure he figured out another way to do it so that the doc will be able to live on the master branch. We’ll get that ready soon. It’s all still very much a work in progress.

@jonah we might still be doing the docs out of a gh-pages branch (issue-192).

For everyone else, we’re now using pkgdown instead of bookdown since it outlines all of the exported functions (along with some other features), but if people prefer the “bookdown look” to the vignettes then we can find a way to combine the two together. If anyone wants to see what the docs look like now see

The old docs are still up.

I’m just looking for something that produces halfway decent web pages and pdfs and supports LaTeX inline.