V1.4.0 of bayesplot R package released

Version 1.4.0 of the bayesplot R package is now available. Until CRAN binaries are built (usually a few days) you can install the update from source using

install.packages("bayesplot", type = "source")

The release notes are copied below and also available on GitHub or the bayesplot webpage.

I would also like to mention that I’m very happy that TJ Mahr (@tjmahr on Discourse, GitHub, Twitter) has agreed to join me in developing bayesplot. TJ’s expertise in R and ggplot2 (among other things!) will be a huge asset as we continue to try to make bayesplot as useful as possible both for individual users and for developers of packages interfacing with Stan.

Release notes for bayesplot v1.4.0

(GitHub issue/PR numbers in parentheses)

  • New plotting function mcmc_parcoord() for parallel coordinates plots of
    MCMC draws (optionally including HMC/NUTS diagnostic information). (#108)
  • mcmc_scatter gains an np argument for specifying NUTS parameters, which
    allows highlighting divergences in the plot. (#112)
  • New functions with names ending with suffix _data don’t make the plots,
    they just return the data prepared for plotting (more of these to come in
    future releases):
    • ppc_intervals_data() (#101)
    • ppc_ribbon_data() (#101)
    • mcmc_parcoord_data() (#108)
    • mcmc_rhat_data() (#110)
    • mcmc_neff_data() (#110)
  • ppc_stat_grouped(), ppc_stat_freqpoly_grouped() gain a facet_args
    argument for controlling ggplot2 faceting (many of the mcmc_ functions
    already have this).
  • The divergences argument to mcmc_trace() has been deprecated in favor
    of np (NUTS parameters) to match the other functions that have an np
  • Fixed an issue where duplicated rhat values would break mcmc_rhat() (#105).