StanCon 2020 Swag Update

Swag has started shipping out this week! I’ll post estimates of when it’ll arrive when I get them.

Here’s what’s on the way:

If you see an email from me asking for an address, it’s for swag. There are still a few missing addresses.

Sorry for the delay.


Got mine yesterday, thanks!


Awesome! The estimate wasn’t for a few more days. Glad it got out to you early. =)

There were 282 total shipments. 211 of them have already been sent out, I presume 71 will be packaged and sent out on Monday. If anyone is desperate for a tracking number, pm me and I’ll send it to you. (We used as our shipper.)

I’ve sent personal emails to everyone that’s requested swag, but didn’t provide an email.

When I put in orders, I grouped them by country from roughly most represented to least. (Repeating tasks made it faster and less error prone.)

Here are rough estimates I have from printful on when it’ll arrive:

  • US: Estimated delivery: Oct 22⁠–Oct 26 (USPS)
  • UK: Estimated delivery: Nov 06⁠–Nov 11.
  • Canada: Estimated delivery: Nov 06⁠–Nov 09 (DHL)
  • Finland: Estimated delivery: Nov 18⁠–Nov 18 (half of the orders haven’t been shipped yet, so a few more days after that)
  • Germany: Estimated delivery: Nov 16⁠–Nov 17
  • Australia: Estimated delivery: Nov 20⁠–Nov 20
  • Switzerland: Estimated delivery: Nov 16⁠–Nov 18
  • Vietnam: 6-10 days after Oct 26.

There are a lot more countries. Worldwide, it’s looking like 6-10 days after Oct 26. There may be additional delays due to COVID.

There may also be duty fees that might take a while to clear for it to get to you. The retail price of the swag bag is nothing (it’s not part of a store), but I don’t know what each country will value a couple of stickers and a tote bag.


Just in case anyone wants to know why this took so long… the products have actually been at the warehouse for about a month and a half. (Final count of attendees happened right with the event, swag was ordered the next week after making sure we could stay under budget, all of it was manufactured and sent to the warehouse within a couple weeks.)

I thought I’d be spending the time to punch in the orders at that time. Unfortunately, the price to ship the items wasn’t what was quoted before I sent the product out to It was running 3x the price and that completely blows our budget (instead of $5.49 to the UK, it was $17.99… for a single tote bag!).

After spending weeks and weeks with their support, it was finally cleared up. It was a problem with how the dimensions were stored for the product… I was finally able to get a hold of someone that fixed it. Anyway, that was last week.

Now… all the orders are in. If anyone has an issue with their swag, please reach out! (Just pm me here or email me with “StanCon 2020 swag” in the title.)


Thanks a ton for dealing with this Daniel, sounds like an enormous hassle!


I just got mine and it’s a lovely break to have in the pandemic. Thanks for dealing with the b.s. :)


It looks like some of the UK deliveries are making it. Most are in transit (there isn’t much detail other than it’s gotten to the UK).

How do I get a simple red round Stan sticker?



@dkaplan, dm me. I’ll mail you one.

Swag has arrived in NZ - Sweet as. Laptop now sporting STAN bling - Cheers!

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