Want to do some stats modeling re: COVID-19 with Stan?

Hi all -

@maxbiostat and myself have a working paper that enables modeling of covariates on the spread of the virus using only observed cases/tests. You can get a link here https://osf.io/preprints/socarxiv/jp4wk (it’s been previously posted on here/Andy Gelman’s blog).

Anyhow, we’d both like to do more work with the model (tons of questions it could help answer) but both face limited bandwidth at the moment. Considering that civilization could collapse soon and render the whole research project moot, I wanted to reach out here and see if any Stan afficionados would be interested in working with us on expanding the project. In particular, we’d like to work on modeling suppression policies in many more countries (for which we have some data) and incorporate the mobility data that is increasingly available. If you share our thinking that answering these questions requires well-specified models that fully incorporate uncertainty in data/methods, then we might be able to work together.

You can DM me here if interested or contact me at rmk7@nyu.edu.