Need help re: coronavirus modeling & R package development

Hi all -

I have a preprint up for a model of observed tests/cases of COVID-19 (see previous post here: Partially Identified Model of COVID-19 Spread for Measuring Virus Suppression Policies and pre-print here:

The model is designed for people who are not epidemiologists and are collecting COVID-19 related data. I would love to make it available as an R package but I have literally no time as I am also collecting a massive amount of data about govt. responses to the pandemic. So I’m posting on here hoping someone could help me wrap the Stan code into an R package (bare bones, just formula interface, summary output, etc).

It’s a big ask. I’m happy to share credit of course if you help with the R package. I have R packages of my own but just don’t have any time to do the leg work.

Thanks so much -



@saudiwin I don’t have time to do this myself, but if you’re still looking for someone let me know and we can tweet this from the Stan twitter account to give it more attention.

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Can you share the code repository for the model?