StanKorea has a new website!

Hi guys! This is Olivia from Seoul, a member of the Stan community in Korea! I’m currently studying medicine here in Seoul and am a close friend of Angie Hyunji Moon who seems to be an active member of Stan. Personally am not very acquainted with statistics & Stan (some introductory lectures on stochastic modeling & freshmen-level statistical knowledge is all I have) but it does interest me a little, not to mention that it would be immensely useful of course.

Anyways, hope everyone is safe and well! We wanted to inform you that StanKorea now has a new WEBSITE, where we will be introducing our StanKorea TEAM 👏 👏 The team will be responsible for managing the community in Korea as well as sharing content such as curated articles & explanatory videos. They will cover various aspects ranging from modeling applications on industries - ex.biomed, reliability, finance - to computation & theory, etc… Good stuff👍

Hoping to enlarge our community here as well as connect with other Stan members around the world :) And speaking of community… I was hoping to ask if you have any tips on how to enlarge the audience & increase engagement among existing members? Besides from reaching out to non-Stanners with introductory content and etc, what would be some nice ways to foster a lively on/offline scene for StanKorea? We were thinking of perhaps organizing a mini conference mid-summer. More info on that later.

Whew, that was a long update! Anyways, thanks in advance for your support & tips 😃 Enjoy your weekend :D



@SGB. Hi, Olivia. I’m pinging the SGB, who are in charge of managing our Stan trademarks—they’re the ones to ask if it’s OK to make a page like this.

I think it’d be helpful to have a link to our Discourse page,

and maybe a link to just the top-level Stan home page with an indication this isn’t the official Stan home page.

We’ve found meetups to work well—either tutorial ones or more research focused ones.


While preparing this, I thought it would be helpful if there are channels to communicate with stan users not only limited to Koreans. We can have a regular meetup for instance.

Japan, as I first studied Stan with this excellent book by 松浦 健太郎, thanks, I expect there to be a large group but I don’t know about China, India or any other countries.

@SGB Could you help with laying down communication channel within Asia? This might involve looking for someone who are willing to represent user groups in each country in Asia.

Also, if you are interested Stan Asia community, please feel free to leave the message in this thread or message me.

P.S. Thrilled to meet Stankorea’s neighbors, I came up with our community name as a starter: STasiAN :)


Thanks for the welcome & advice 😀
In regards to the link, you are suggesting that it be listed on the homepage of StanKorea, right? Will see to it that the appropriate changes are made.

That would be great!

If you haven’t heard back from the SGB you can also try emailing in case they missed this post.

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