StanKorea Meetup2 slides and recordings on BDA and Statistical Rethinking


Our admin team at StanKorea had prepared and held StanKorea Meetup2 last 22th, May. We basically held a seminar session in which some of our staff gave presentations recapping what they’ve learned from the winter study sessions.

Along with the seminar materials, we share below the links to the video recordings of the seminar. We plan on holding regular meetups like this in the future and would appreciate much interest from all of you!



[Bayesian Data Analysis Seminar]…/StanKoreaMeetup2_Seminar1_BDA

-> For reproducible R & Stan codes:…/t…/master/StanKoreaMeetup2_Seminar1_BDA

[Statistical Rethinking Seminar]…/master/StanKoreaMeetup2_Seminar2_SR.pdf


[Bayesian Data Analysis Seminar Part 1, 2, 3]… Heonwoo Jang… Jungwook Im… Hyunji Moon

[Statistical Rethinking Seminar]… Hoyoung Jang


That is soooo cool!