Stanc3 2.27.0-rc1 binaries?

Might the binaries for the stanc3 release be made available? There’s a release on GitHub but no binaries (e.g., mac-stanc, linux-stanc).

I’m also happy to find a way to build from scratch if making the binaries is inconvenient or difficult to automate.

Hey, there were issues building them which is why they are missing. We do always want to add them to releases.

See Release 2.27 checklist · Issue #1005 · stan-dev/cmdstan · GitHub and comments below for more details.

@serban-nicusor has since hopefully fixed them.

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Hey @ariddell I’m sorry for the inconvenience but the build process failed because of some opam dependencies, I’ve found the issue, pushed a fix and waiting for the pipeline.
As soon as it’s done I will add the binaries on github and reply here to confirm.

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No problem.

I was able to download the nightly binary and verify that everything works on Linux.

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Updated at: Release v2.27.0-rc1 (19 May 2021) · stan-dev/cmdstan · GitHub