Stanc3 2.26.0-rc1?

I see 2.26.0 release candidates for stan and math. Is there one for stanc3?

The rc is the latest nightly though we could also make a separate RC one. Cc: @serban-nicusor

Thanks. If they come as a package (math, stan, stan3) then it’s challenging to evaluate a release candidate without all three.

Making release candidates available is helpful, in my opinion. I can also understand that it adds work to the developers.

One way of reducing the burden would be to create a GitHub action which automatically tags the latest nightly whenever a Stan or Math release candidate is created. I’ve seen GitHub Actions used for this sort of thing.

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Hey v2.26.0-rc1 for stanc3 is now out here. @rok_cesnovar should I re-do the cmdstan .tar.gz with the new stanc3 binaries ?


Thank you!

I do not think there is need for new tarballs. They are the same binary and are bundled in the tarball so there is no ambiguity there.

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One benefit for the stanc folks of going through the trouble of tagging the rc is that PyStan will test the rc using its (PyStan’s) idiosyncratic suite of tests. Only a few of PyStan’s tests are shared by CmdStan.

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