Is there an easy way to get a tagged version of stanc3 from CmdStan?

I’m looking at v2.24.1 and seeing that the stanc3 compiler it downloads is the nightly version. Is there a way to have it get a tagged version?

I’m running (from a clean CmdStan directory):

make bin/stanc

on Mac (should also be the same in Linux).

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You can do:


where the number ‘97’ is one of the blue numbers from:

Stanc3 releases are now tagged along with the rest of a Stan release - see

the CmdStan makefile is a dev-oriented thing, so it assumes you want the latest.
the CmdStan release tarball comes with the appropriate binaries for that release.

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I created an issue #93 and opened a PR #94 to allow for downloading a specific version.

While I understand that the makefile is a dev-oriented thing, it still makes sense to be able to control which version of stanc3 is downloaded.

This particular fix is unintrusive… if you just type make bin/stanc, it’ll do exactly what it did before… download the nightly version. The PR gives an option to download a specific version.

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Thanks @syclik!

This is really useful. While there are ways of specifiying specific binaries with URLs and develop always downloads the fresh binary like mentioned above by Ben and Mitzi, one thing that was always a bit cumbersome was checking out a specific releaes version in your cloned Cmdstan.

You either had to specify the URL to the 2.23 release binary or had to build stanc3 locally. So this is really nice.

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