Releasing stanc3 in cmdstan - options

Hey @mitzimorris,

How do you want to do CmdStan releases now that we have a stanc3 binary? We had talked about this in a meeting a month or so ago, but I wasn’t sure if you’d come to any decisions since then. I think some of the options were:

  1. include stanc3 binaries, either
    a. All 3 in the single CmdStan zip archive, or
    b. 3 separate zip archives, one for each OS
  1. Don’t include stanc3 binaries and just trigger download with make build - I think most workflows run make build before considering CmdStan to be installed or ready. The release zip file should download the stanc3 tag corresponding to that release; all other cmdstan copies will download the stanc3 nightly (which comes with a git hash version number).

There may have been others. I think the release is supposed to be tomorrow (or next working day), so just wanted to check that this has been thought about - I’m happy with any of the options.


thanks for bringing this up now.
I’ve opened issue - let’s continue this discussion there.

Sounds good! Sorry, wasn’t sure which venue was more appropriate.