Stan Meeting Sept 20, 2018

Matthijs: Speeding up Stan and working on poster for probabilistic programming conference.

Lauren: Survey work, working with raking algo, trying to figure out working with that.

Charles: Sorting out auto diff bug

Breck: Admin, had first Stan Governing Body meeting. Getting ready for NumFOCUS summit, our fiscal sponsor organization for Stan.

Ben Goodrich: Still trying to get Cran to approve Stan. Working with RStudio to get Stan running inside 1GB of memory.

Sean Talts: Helping Mitzi with stacker, getting amazon credits for test server, working on GPU PR.

Paul: Jonah visiting, talking about the R packages. Working on case study on time series models.

Brian: Nothing new to report

Bob: Pull requests, working on new book. Based on user manual. Working on making that code work. RCCP is seg faulting.

Mitzi: Working on Stan book, moving stuff to bookdown. Reviewed pull requests. Keeping an eye on Daniel Lee makefile PR.

Aki: Lots of teaching.

General discussion:

Mitzi/Sean talking about dev issues with docker files.

We should extracting useful features from ARM package.

Should we get a catchbox (microphone that you can throw around in class rooms/conferences. StanCon Helsinki had one)? Yes, Ben wants it for teaching.

Charles: Solving an ODE, what are for increasing dimensions and number of parameters. Seeking input on formalizing complexity analysis.

Matthijs: Asking about autodiff refactor of Bob. Bob responded saying he was just experimenting and reporting on discourse. Might be a big deal for matrix operations. No algo breakthroughs.

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Any chance the book source is/will be on GitHub?

100% chance. It’s there already.

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Does “book” then mean

See more info on “Stan book” here Move user’s guide to new repo?

@charlesm93 I am curious. Make a post or @ me. I almost definitely have an opinion. Whether or not it’s useful is another question.

Other Ben approves as well

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no, it’s currently on a branch, in directory src/docs/users-guide here:

see discussion Aki mentioned for more info