Stan General Meeting September 6


Notes from Stan Thursday meeting:

Andrew: Working on Stan book, extending invitation if others want to contribute to the book.

Breck: StanCon, we have governance in the form of the Stan Governing Body (SGB) and Technical Working Group (TWG).

Matthijs: Working on GLMs, hopefully will work well with gpus and scale in number of params.

Yuling: Pull request work on for Stan.

Sean: Working on benchmarking with Ben, GLMs. Working on gpu pull request. Matrix multiply work is merged. Working on matrix communication in gpu. Working on Stan3 parser.

Ben Goodrich: R packages loaded to cran, started teaching, giving tutorial at R medicine conference at Yale.

Paul: Working on papers.

Aki: Did StanCon, getting ready to teach, did some work on RHat.

Ben Bales: Working on Adjoint Jacobian stuff.

Bob: Working on Stan book/users guide. In Berlin, did meetup for Bayer, meet with Amazon. Possible funding sources via Amazon.

Mitzi: Pull request processing.

Lauren: StanCon work.

Sebastian: Played around with speeding up ODE solver.

Brian: Working with Turing language. Looking a StanArm.