Stan courses in London (UK) and online

This year, I will be running three public courses on Stan through the Royal Statistical Society:

Introduction to Bayesian Analysis using Stan – 16-17 April 2024, London UK

Introduction to Bayesian Analysis using Stan – 25-26 September 2024, online (UTC+1 time)

Bayesian Meta-analysis – 15-16 October 2024, online (UTC+1 time)

Each course is two days long. We use R only because that has been the preference of the great majority of attendees in previous years (I originally offered R and Python in parallel so it’s not ascertainment bias). There are .R scripts and Jupyter notebooks. You can run them locally or on a Jupyter server (the latter means no installation worries). We have rstan and cmdstanr code side by side, so you can choose what you like there too.

The Bayesian Meta-analysis course links closely to my forthcoming book with Gian Luca di Tanna, out summer 2025 on CRC Press.