Two online training courses with Stan, 2021

I’m running two courses with the Royal Statistical Society later this year that might interest some of you. The July course is more for beginners and covers a menagerie of models, how to construct your Stan code, detect problems and (try to) fix them. I also give a fast intro to Bayesian stats and sampling in that. The second assumes you know about Bayesian statistics up to maybe having done some WinBUGS in the past, and focuses on meta-analysis models.

Previously I used rstan in these but this year there will be a choice of rstan, cmdstanr, pystan and cmdstanpy.

I believe it will be over Zoom. Ask me any questions about the content here or on You need to book through the RSS. You don’t have to be a statistician (or royal).

Introduction to Bayesian Analysis using Stan, online, 6-7 July 2021

Bayesian Meta-analysis, online, 14-15 October 2021


Will there be additional recruitment on the course?

Hi @Ferased . These courses will run again in 2022 but are currently planned to be in-person in London, UK.

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