Stan Con: Football is coming home

This Stan Con, we’re organizing a casual football (soccer) game, to be held on Thursday the 22nd between the conference and dinner. All are welcome – and encouraged ! – to play. This is a casual game. The winner gets NOTHING, except for GLORY… which is EVERYTHING!!!

I’ll send out more details as I get them, but here are the basics. Only short cleats, please, no cleats ok – I myself will likely wear my futsal shoes. Please, no carelessly aggressive plays, there’s no point getting injured over a pick up game. No slide tackles, except if you’re trying to take the ball from @paul.buerkner. We have a candidate field, and we’ll make sure the player density is not too high (both to improve the quality of the game and avoid injury-causing clusters). I’m trying to set up goal line tech and VAR but no promises here. You will have time to shower before dinner.

See you all on the field!


Thank you everyone for playing. Check out these pictures on @avehtari’s tweet.

Someone took the ball after the conference. There was a bit of a misunderstanding: the ball belongs to the Stan community, and I intended to take it back to New York. Not a big deal, but to whomever took the ball, please bring it to the next Stan Con, since we plan to have another game. Thank you!


My fault. I told some local participant to take it (after we all forgot it on the lawn)

(after we all forgot it on the lawn)

Fair enough. I’m sure it’s in good hands.

This ball should be easily identified: it has an imprint of my face on it.


Thanks for linking the tweet. Love the “uniforms”.

I’m happy to spot you the cost of a new football for the next StanCon! But if you let me buy it, you might get the wrong shape.