Football analytics job in London - 21st Club Ltd

My company is advertising for a position working in football analytics. We help clubs assess player valuations, team performance and squad composition, among other things.

The modeling team is just me at the moment and everything is done in Stan. Football is a fascinating problem from a statistical point of view. There are 22 players on the pitch, but an average of only 2.5 goals per game. There are also several leagues around the world at very different levels, and competitions between national teams, so the sport is crying out for people interested in hierarchical modeling and feature engineering.

If you are interested, please apply, and if you know anyone who might be interested, please get the word out! Here’s the a link to further details.


@luisusier Thanks for posting the job opportunity! There are definitely some experienced Stan users also interested in soccer modeling (myself and @LeoEgidi included - we have a paper currently under review about hierarchical modeling in Stan for soccer prediction). Leo and I aren’t looking for jobs at the moment but if I hear from anyone interested in soccer (that does happen somewhat regularly) I’ll definitely let them know about this.

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Thanks @jonah , and I’m interested to read your paper or read more about the approach you guys are taking!

@luisusier This is really one of the best working opportunities for whover loves sport and statistics and wants to combine the two ‘worlds’ together. If I know abut someone interested in this adventure, I will tell you as soon as possible.

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