So long, and thanks for all the fish!

Hey all,

It’s been a great 3 years with Stan and the time has come for me to switch my full time activities back to industry. When I first started with the project, I told Bob and Andrew that I could only promise two years, but then the new compiler project and 2nd TWG reorg came along and enticed me into another year. I’ll be going back to industry full time but still contributing to stanc3 on weekends.

I’m handing off my administrative and managerial duties on an interim basis to @jonah and leaving the cross-repo decision-making seat empty while the new SGB and Bob work on v3 of the TWG. I’ll stick around as the tech lead for stanc3. Please hammer me with questions and any other transitional items - I’ll be around much less starting February 3rd when I start my new job.

Thank you all for welcoming me and teaching me so much about the world of scientific computing and Bayesian modeling. It’s been a blast!



Congrats! Good luck on your next adventure!

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Thanks, Sean, for all your contributions!