RStan programmers for hire?

Our team is committed to modeling in RStan, but we have found ourselves working beyond our expertise. Our current project requires a fairly quick turnaround, and so we are looking to hire a programmer as a consultant to help us work through the details of our models. The project relates to social network analysis.

Surprisingly, internet searches have revealed few possibilities. Are there places that we should look?

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I forwarded a link to your post to a discussion board for students who were in the Quantitative Methods for Social Sciences program at Columbia and are familiar with RStan. Good luck!

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There’s a jobs topic. I changed your post to that category.

It might help if you posted some more specifics about what expertise you need and the timeframe.

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Oh sure, thanks for the help.

The details of the work involve an adaptation of the models described in this paper, specifically the models for binary outcomes:

The long-term goal is to adapt the models with triadic dependencies, but for the short-term (ideally within a matter of weeks), the standard probit SRRM would be sufficient. The correlated residuals from the bivariate equations are the current speed bump. For the short-term project, other effects in the model are fairly standard multilevel modeling effects.


I would be interested in this and would be able to help you out…
I however do not have permissions to send you a PM…
Could you please email me the details to or PM me?

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