Looking for medium-long term part-time support for supporting and extending Stan model

  • I’m looking for a part-time developer to help me build, extend, and maintain a complex (set of related) Stan model(s) that applies matrix factorization to high-dimensional survey data.
  • I’m looking to pay hourly for someone that can devote at least 5-10 hours per week over the next few months.
  • The work will be a mix of R and Stan (and potentially SQL)
  • Goals will include
    • writing R scripts/GQ blocks to poststratify results at various levels of aggregation
    • writing R scripts/GQ blocks to identify highest information questions to ask
    • writing R scripts/GQ blocks to link new survey information with previous sampling runs
    • writing R scripts/GQ blocks to perform other inference on the draws (e.g. which questions have the highest correlation, which boolean query of survey questions targets a specific answer with the highest accuracy, etc.)

Looking for the right person; happy to pay a competitive rate. tom@gradientmetrics.com or reply here.