Wanted: paid help / consultant with Stan model

Are you available immediately for some 1-on-1 time and maybe offline development to help me with my model and Stan implementation?
I don’t have a PhD student / postdoc able to help with this at the moment, and need to make more rapid progress than I’ve been able to.
I don’t feel comfortable sharing all of my code on the forums before I’ve published, yet I need some help and advice, so am looking for a consultant who is expert both at statistical modeling/thinking and with Stan. My code is all in cmdstanpy, but the key is to develop the right models and Stan code. Name your price if you like; I can pay well for someone with a lot of confidence in this area. Help needed may be <5 hours or maybe dozens.
The model(s) I’m working on have elements of ordinal logits, mixture models, and/or multinomial logit.


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Thanks for reading! I’ve had a response so am set for the moment. For others out there on the demand side : my post received private responses, so if you’re also in need and don’t want to post all your laundry publicly, maybe hire a freelancer. :)


Thanks for reporting back.