Wanted: research assistant / consultant to assist with development and implementation of Bayesian Hierarchical Model in RStan

Hello there,

I’m an assistant professor at UC Berkeley (David Holtz - Berkeley Haas). I am working with Professor Lee Fleming (Lee Fleming - Berkeley Haas) on a project involving the development of a Bayesian hierarchical modeling in Stan, and we are seeking a consultant and/or research assistant that is available immediately to assist in the development and estimation of a model in Rstan. We do not have a PhD student or postdoc available to us at the moment who has the correct expertise/background for this project, and are hoping to make more rapid progress than we have been able to thus far.

We have a “first draft” of the model that we are trying to estimate, but the existing model needs to be iterated on to become more computationally tractable. Once we finalize the model itself, we could also use some help on the implementation side to make sure we are doing everything correctly (I’ve used Stan before, but not for a few years and could benefit from the guiding hand of someone with more experience). To summarize, we’re looking for someone who has experience both with statistical modeling/thinking and with Stan. All of the existing code is in RStan, and the key is to develop both the right models and the right stan code.

Price is negotiable, and we are willing to pay a premium for someone with a lot of expertise/confidence in this area. We’re unsure how much work is needed on this project as of yet - it could be just a few hours, could be much more. The model(s) we are working with are multi-level models with quite a few moving parts involving spike and slab distributions.

If you are interested, please shoot me an email at dholtz@berkeley.edu (preferred) or reply here (either publicly or privately).

Thank you!