New BDA revision

After going through Statistical Rethinking and working with stan for a while, I want to delve deeper and actually understand what I a doing and whats going on.

One of the most popular recommendations seems to be the BDA book but I heard that a new revision is on the way. @avehtari could you give me a hint if it is worth waiting for the new version (eg coming in the next 6 months ish) or if I should just go with the current one?

We are not currently revising BDA as we are working on other books. We are almost ready with Regression and other stories which will be the first volume of updated and expanded second edition of “Data Analysis Using Regression and Multilevel/Hierarchical Models.”. McElreath is also working on second edition of Statistical rethinking. Maybe what you had heard was about one of these books?

I can also recommend reading Stan users’ guide, which has lot of good examples with Stan code and background information on Bayesian computation


@scholz, my mistake. I thought they were updating BDA.