Job: Natural Resource Econometrician

Hello all!

I’ve posted a couple other jobs, but there’s yet another opening at SilviaTerra, this time for a natural resource econometrician.

To recap, we are a rapidly growing venture-capital backed company developing new forestry-based tools to fight climate change and biodiversity loss. We currently use Python, R, and Stan to predict forest composition and structure in the US in support of forest carbon and biodiversity projects in the context of our Natural Capital Exchange (NCAPX) marketplace.

At SilviaTerra, the person who takes the natural resource econometrician position will focus initially on developing models of harvest risk and other landowner behavior, particularly in the US to support our existing carbon exchange. In the long term, however, this person will more broadly be responsible for helping us develop global models of landowner behavior, deforestation and harvest risk. They will also be responsible for helping us develop additional behavioral models impacting a variety of natural capital and ecosystem services markets. Finally, they will be responsible for providing guidance in how to integrate predictive uncertainty into exchange pricing.

While I’m not directly involved in the hiring process, I’m still happy to answer whatever questions I can about the company or the nature of our work. This is a fully remote position in a very collaborative group in a great team of people. It’s a good opportunity to do applied work on interesting problems that have important applications, and the person joining at this time will have the potential to make a big impact on model development and methodology. Please encourage any qualified candidates to apply at:

SilviaTerra - Data Scientist - Natural Resource Econometrics .