Job opening: statistician at NCX

Hey all,

Our Forestry team at NCX has an open position for a statistician. We are a rapidly growing venture-capital backed company developing new forestry-based tools to fight climate change and biodiversity loss. This team is responsible for the measurements and models that underpin transactions on our carbon market. Many of these models are implemented in Stan. We use remotely sensed data and our flagship Basemap data product to improve baseline models for our carbon projects, designing efficient field samples, and monitoring and accounting for changes in enrolled properties for each carbon cycle.

This applied statistician will be an integral part of that work, working closely with the rest of our team of forest biometricians and data scientists on model development and integrating new sources and types of measurements. We are continually working to improve the accuracy and efficiency of our carbon accounting processes to amplify the impact of our Natural Capital Exchange.

While I’m not directly involved in the hiring process, I’m happy to answer questions about the company or the nature of our work. This is a remote position in a fast-paced interdisciplinary group that includes foresters, statisticians, data scientists, ecologists, data engineers, and more. It’s a great opportunity to make an impact with your quantitative skills.

Please encourage any qualified candidates to apply at: Job Application for Applied Statistician at NCX



Those interested in applying should also feel free to DM me and / or Max to discuss!