Jenkins job stalled - how to diagnose the problem?

On Jenkins, Stan PR #1284 has been stalled for 3 days.
I think the problem is with the build on Windows - looks like the Windows box is offline.
a) is this correct?
b) what it the proper procedure to correct?

Logging into Jenkins, I see this:

and drilling down to stalled job, I see this:

Hi Mitzi,

Sorry – I missed this message.

Our Jenkins Windows box is having trouble right now:
We’re able to start the slave jenkins process on the remote machine. It doesn’t connect to the master Jenkins instance. We’re able to connect to the Windows slave machine remotely, so we know it has internet. We can reach the master machine from that machine using a web browser. We’ve also restarted the machine.

My best guess right now is that there was an update applied to Windows automagically that may have applied some new firewall rules. I’m like 5% sure that’s it. If that’s not what the problem is, I’ll have to rely on Stackoverflow to guide me to an answer.

I’ll try my best to fix it by tomorrow night. If we want builds to run immediately, we can skip Windows builds until we get this figured out.

Sorry about the snag.

I found it. I had to set the port number for the Jenkins master / slave to a fixed number. It used to work flawlessly before, so I don’t know what changed.

Hey, thanks for fixing Jenkins among all the prep for
StanCon! I really appreciate it.

  • Bob