Kick stan-buildbots


Can I somehow manually trigger the stan-buildbot for stan (and cmdstan) to push the math submodule to the latest version?

I need the latest commit in math to show up in cmdstan in order to progress with the MPI stuff there.

BTW, many PRs have a stalled Jenkins run on stan-math right now.



bump. @seantalts , @syclik any idea? Stan has now gone without an update for 9 days and the last change in stan-math is needed to move forward MPI stuff in cmdstan.

Can I look somewhere to find out whats holding up the usual submodule updating?


I thought this wasn’t a real issue? Can you post what you’re seeing?

Right now I only see that there are no more updates of stan or cmdstan for a few days. I am not familiar with the process so if you can point me to where I should look, then I can start to debug.

(I am just not familiar with all the magic).

… there were tests which caused hickups, but we are addressing them one by one (MPI is done, next is the very rare matrix exponential issues).

So when I looked at this before it was due to the tests being broken on develop for either Math or Stan. I think that’s probably all that’s happening.

I saw that develop of stan-math had a failure status. Maybe that was the issue. I restarted testing of develop on the Jenkins in the hope to get it pass again and having this percolate upward the food chain.

Cross-talk here: Ok, then I am at the right place. Thanks.

This was the old thread whose title I renamed because the old title was that the updating process was broken :P Stan develop broken

Yup. I found where I can kick that Jenkins and will hammer it until develop is finally good again. It looks to me as if the test pipeline sometimes just stalls… but I need those latest changes to pop up in cmdstan in order to finish this never ending MPI…

What to do if the pipelines hangs with “gelman-group-mac is offline”? Stop it and restart again?

This infrastructure seems to be rather fragile…

Hooray! stan has just been bumped to reflect the latest changes in stan-math… and we have again a “green” flag for develop of stan-math.

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