Stan develop broken


It looks like the automatic bumping of submodules stopped working in stan and cmdstan. This stopped after the sundials merge, I think. This may be the root cause for trouble with the GPU Matrix PR at the moment.

I don’t know what’s messed up no how to fix it, but maybe @seantalts or @syclik knows?


Uh oh. I hope there wasn’t a bad merge. I can take a look at it tomorrow if no one else beats me to it.

Maybe I found it: We need to get this PR, into stan quickly. This one is the switch to sundials.

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Can you tell me what you’re seeing? I’m seeing Jenkins correctly updating Stan and CmdStan, though I do see that the Stan develop builds have been failing since b158578 (sundials PR) was merged on the 24th. Not sure why I didn’t get an email about that…

Guessing develop won’t work until that PR is merged, but I don’t think anything in CI is broken - this is a known characteristic of our multi-repo system.

Ah, I didn’t get an email because of my subscription preferences on the google group:!forum/stan-buildbot. Fixed to send daily summaries, hah.

OK, that needs a developer review, and I’ve approved.

keeping an eye on the PR, will merge if all tests pass.