Makefiles PRs about to go in for Math, Stan, and CmdStan

There are pull requests that are about to be merged in the three repos: Math, Stan, and CmdStan.

While things are being merged, it will be in a very short window (within a day) where builds will fail. This is because all three need to be updated at once; we don’t have a mechanism to update multiple repos simulatenously (this is where a monorepo would really shine).

For most users and developers, this won’t affect their workflow too much. For updated doc, please see:

If you’re checking out CmdStan or Stan after the merge, please remember to update all sub modules or you’ll be in an inconsistent state.

Much thanks to all involved: @mitzimorris, @rok_cesnovar, @bbbales2, @sakrejda, @wds15. I’m sure I missed some others.

Edit: had to adjust time estimate. The submodules don’t propagate until after tests pass. I believe things should pass math within a day, hopefully.

@seantalts, do the submodules still get updated automatically on merge to develop? If not, I’ll go and update the submodules by hand.

Yes, once the tests pass. You can always check the Jenkinsfile yourself to see exactly what happens.

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Thanks. I can’t find it in the Jenkinsfile. What am I looking for in the Jenkinsfiles? And which ones?

I would have expected to see something like git add or git push somewhere related to a branch, but l don’t see it. I see it for running clang format.

Thanks! I didn’t know to look in the jenkins-shared-libraries repo, but that makes sense.

For anyone following, everything is building with develop on CmdStan, Stan, and Math.

Please remember to update your submodules!


I spoke to soon. There’s an issue with the Travis file. I’ll work on fixing that today.