Migrating Jenkins to AWS EC2 Instance

Hey, I will slowly start migrating Jenkins to AWS as of now.

Most of the job is done but we may run into build failures or 404’s.
If so please report them to me so I can fix them asap.

New url is:
Everything is as it was on the old Jenkins.

I hope that it won’t be the case but just letting you know!

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Can we give that a https://*.mc-stan.org url?

Of course!
There is a slight issue tho, I don’t have access to do that :(.
If that is solved I can setup an nginx proxy pass and ssl certs easily.

Cool. I think @seantalts should have the keys. If not, I think I can dig them up.

P.S. Welcome!
P.P.S. Can we start a discussion about how to get Jenkins to be faster for Math testing? There’s a lot we can do if we give up disk space.

Create a thread or Github issue so I can follow and let’s get some performance done :D

Jenkins should be fine now!

I’ve enabled Windows EC2 Instances, please keep me updated if anything goes wrong with them.


Forgot to mention this earlier.

Jenkins is up and running, stable for a while.
You can now find it at: https://jenkins.mc-stan.org/

Removed the need for a port and added https.

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Thanks—that’s really great.