Jenkins windows build agent issues should be resolved

The Jenkins Windows test server (and thus its tests) has been broken for the past week or so. Just a bit of a post-mortem:

  • The new version of R and RTools were installed on 4/11, and for some reason RTools were installed to a new directory RBuildTools instead of RTools - possibly just a new default.
  • This broke the Jenkins agent with error messages like “could not find ‘make’” and “could not find ‘sh’”
  • I think because the installer fixed the system PATH environment variable to point to the new RTools directory, things should have been fine with a service stop and start, but that didn’t seem to work - started seeing error messages about how the jnlp jar couldn’t connect to
  • I ended up doing a lot of raindancing, including:
    • updating Java on the windows agent (probably good anyway; had security updates)
    • updating the jenkins slave.jar
    • deleting and reinstalling the jenkins agent service
    • restarting the windows box
  • I think what finally worked was upgrading (and thus restarting) the Jenkins master service on d1m1s1b1.


Awesome. I think paths are tricky under windows and with accounts and may not have updated until a restart.

If we have the new rtools installed, I think we can try testing out some of our failing builds from before to see if they are fixed with the new toolchain. I’ll search for the open issues and comment on them.

I took a look and didn’t see any except the one about categorical rng, which hadn’t been approved yet anyway. Lemme know if you see others and I missed them; I might be looking in the wrong places.