Is there a Stan Discord / Slack / etc?

Hi all,

Is there a currently live Stan Discord (would be cool) or Slack or something similar?

I’ve been trying to find a Stan community Slack or Discord server, but it seems all the links here on the forum are dead (1, 2). I’ve tried to sign up but had no success.

Try this link:

Unfortunately these expire after 30 days, so we can’t just pin a post about it somewhere

Hi Brian, thanks for the link! I’ve joined now.

Hi! I’d also like to join but it says the link is no longer valid. Is it possible it just works for 1 person? Could you send a new one?


Could anyone please check if the link to Slack on the “Community” page works:

link is this:

I thought slack was open to everyone - no invite required - perhaps that was changed at some point? @syclik?

That’s the right link.

I didn’t set up slack, but let me see if I have the right permissions to change it to be open. I’ll get back to you shortly.

that took way too much effort, but here’s a link that doesn’t expire (in time, but will after 400 uses). Slack

I’ll go and submit a pr on the website.


@mitzimorris quick update: website has the correct invite link. For those already authenticated, it’ll just take them to the slack workspace.