Mc-stan community slack


A lot of people have asked me if we have a slack group, so I created one. I know some of the core team are against low-barrier-to-entry instant messaging but I think it’d still be useful to have one for the rest of the community. Here’s the invite link.


I’m curious to hear what this experience turns out like in a month or two. Slack is terrible for searching/archiving and I always feel like it’s hard to avoid being sloppy with questions (or responses) in instant messaging. Maybe it really works for some people.

Posting here to make sure people get sent the correct way if they search for the slack channel. Having used slack for over 3 years we are running into some issues, as @avehtari formulated it in the slack environment:

This Slack workspace is using the free plan which has limit of 10k messages. In some channels we have been and still are losing useful information beyond the paywall, SGB checked that we can't get non-profit discount from Slack and regular plan is quite expensive. The suggestion to move to Zulip that provides free plan for free software projects. You can join the Stan Zulip at (related discourse thread at It will annoying to move, but I hope many would soon test the Zulip and provide feedback if there are strong reasons to not move.