Cutting down spam: new users request access?

There’s a ton of spam getting through. I’d propose we have new users request access to the forums and then get approved by a moderate. It’s just one hop before new users are allowed to post. Does anyone object to this? (Or support it?)

cc: @breckbaldwin

Is there a way we can let users sign up with no check but someone has to approve their first post? Since all we really want is a sanity check that they are not a bot I think that fits what we want

Yeah, I guess no one would know who to approve or not without seeing them write something down. It would not be easy to approve just based on nickname.

Does discourse offer any addons for a better captcha system? If that is an option that would be the best probably. I would personally give up on posting a question if I saw a “Now wait for X hours to get approved” message.

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I haven’t seen an option for it. I just combed through all the options.

I just got admin access to discourse and am looking into how to manage this.

I am about to announce a paid discourse community manager position. Hopefully that will help with this situation.


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