Leaders, Moderators, Administrators - Yearly Wrap-up 2021

This is the second “yearly wrap-up” for users with extended privileges on Discourse (leaders, moderators, administrators).

The TL;DR is that we expect everybody who currently has privileges on Discourse to say whether they want to continue having those privileges (no response means giving up the privilege). This is also a space for users to ask for more privileges or nominate others that they believe should have more privileges. You can also nominate others or yourself by a private message to the Community Manager (me) or the SGB. Preferably, privileged users or new nominees would also share past accomplishments/experiences and plans/visions for the future of the forum.

All users ale also welcome to voice their feedback/wishes/… for privileged users.

The period to react here is one month, i.e. until November 10th (anytime on earth).

Read Selection and accountability for forum moderators and leaders for a full description of what this means, what individual roles can do and what we expect of privileged users.

As I write this, the privileged users are:


(can do literally anything on the site)


(can edit/moderate all public content, can ban users)


(can edit/reformat posts, recategorize topics and other mostly maintanence/gardening tasks)

@Adam_Haber, @andre.pfeuffer, @andrjohns, @Ara_Winter, @arya, @breckbaldwin, @ducoveen, @hsbadr, @hyunji.moon, @jgaeb, @lauren, @mans_magnusson, @Matthijs, @maxbiostat, @Max_Mantei, @mcol, @paul.buerkner, @rok_cesnovar, @roualdes, @serban-nicusor, @spinkney, @stablemarkets, @stevebronder, @tadej, @vianeylb, @WardBrian, @yizhang, @yuling

Thanks everybody for all the hard work in keeping this community running.


I want to continue having those privileges.

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@martinmodrak, thanks! I’ll stay on as an administrator.

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What’s the intuition behind removing folks off the mod list if they haven’t contribute in 6 months? Is being on the mod list a limited resource?

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I would like to continue having those privileges.

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I want to continue having those privileges.

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I would like to continue having those privileges as well

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I’d like to continue having my usual privileges, which I basically employ to do

syntax  highlighting 



I would be interested in having the ability to format posts with syntax highlighting. I guess that means I self-nominate as a leader?

My vision for the forum is to continue to provide a platform that patiently and kindly helps new users to get comfortable with Stan. I think this is crucially important for the long-term health of the project and for the diversity of the community.


I’d like to stay on as a Leader if that’s ok.


I’d like too, thanks!