Infrastructure ideas for NASA funding

Hello all,

I am working on an infrastructure proposal for an NASA NOFO (notice of funding opportunity) that will be run through NumFOCUS. Thanks to the SGB, Susanna M, Aki and Andrew G for supporting this.

This NOT a research proposal, it is for infrastructure. We are doing a joint proposal with PyMC and ArviZ which I think is super cool because Bayesians should support each other.

I am soliciting ideas that we want to fund to help with Stan infrastructure. The budget is around $100k a year for three years–that is in direct dollars so taxes and fees have been handled. What do you want to build?

Some ideas to give an idea of scope:

  • Install wizards or whatever passes for that these days
  • Easy to use/configure cloud instances, user pays the compute time
  • Educational materials like a MOOC

The ideal examples are things we want/will do anyway, the funds just help make it happen better and/or faster.

Proposal is due Jan 19, I’ll take ideas for a few days–Saturday should be enough to get some ideas.