Funding application for CmdStan Installer project

Hi @SGB ,

@mitzimorris and I have been working on a set of CmdStan Installers that are simple and much more user friendly for the Stan community to use. We would like to apply for a grant from the Chan Zuckerberg foundation under their Essential Open Source Software for Science funding grant system. We would be applying under their cycle 4 funding tier to help further this work for the rest of the year as part of NumFOCUS.
Essential Open Source Software for Science - Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.
The deadline for their letter of intent is due on Tuesday, March 30, 2021. We would like to send a letter out by Monday evening. We would like to get permission from the @SGB by Monday evening March 28,2021 to do so. Can the @SGB put this on their agenda for Monday, March 28, 2021 if they can? Thanks again and any help or feedback with this is much appreciated.


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Hi Brian,

I’ll put it on the agenda for tonight and super cool you guys are picking this up. I know Breck is also doing a letter of intent for this grant application together with the people from PyMC and ArviZ.

Kind regards, Duco

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Thanks Duco, much appreciated!

Hi Brian, SGB just approved your CZI proposal. We thank you & @mitzimorris working on it. Good luck!


Awesome, Thanks again @SGB for being so quick with this. We’re very grateful!