StanConnect 2021: Call for Session Proposals

Hi all,

Following up on our previous announcement, @SGB is excited to announce a formal call for proposals for StanConnect 2021.

StanConnect is a virtual miniseries that will consist of several 3-hour meetings/mini-symposia. You can think of each meeting as a kind of organized conference “session.”

  • Anyone can feel free to organize a StanConnect meeting as a “Session Chair”. Simply download the proposal form as a docx, fill it out, and submit to SGB via email ( by 2021-04-26T04:00:00Z. The meeting must be scheduled for sometime this year after June 1.
  • The talks must involve Stan and be focused around a subject/topic theme. E.g. “Spatial models in Ecology via Stan”.
  • You will see that though we provide a few “templates” for how to structure a StanConnect meeting, we are trying to avoid being overly prescriptive. Rather, we are giving Session Chairs freedom to invite speakers related to their theme and structure the 3-hr meeting as they see fit.

If you have any questions, please feel free to post here.


It sounds great!
I’m opening a mini informal call for people interested in cognitive (neuro) science.


I would be interested in an engineering (civil/mechanical/aero/structural/materials) meeting or talk. It would be great to hear if there are any other Stan users in these fields.


Ex civil engineer (seismic and coastal) here. I have two contacts (geotech & structural, they’re not on discourse) interested in presenting and I’m happy to put you guys together. Feel free to set up a thread or ping me.